Second Term English Exam 4AM for BEM 2016

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[4am] تمارين في الرياضيات للسنة الرابعة متوسط الهندسة في الفضاء 2016 2017
آخر اصدار لسلسلة 1000 تمرين في الرياضيات لطلبة الـ 3 ثانوي
[bem2016] مطوية كليك ملخصة لدروس و قواعد اللغة العربية 4 متوسط
كيفية تنصيب برنامج Scienc66-GDmath9 لطلبة الـ 3 ثانوي
السامي في الفلسفة للشعب العلمية لطلبة الـ 3 ثانوي
مواضيع فروض و اختبارات للسنة الثالثة ثانوي مادة الرياضيات
امتحانات تجريبية في الرياضيات 2013 لطلبة الـ 3 ثانوي
باكالوريات اجنبية محلولة في الرياضيات
تحضير نص : قصة أهل البصرة من المسجديين

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Abn Elnile
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طالب نشيط

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مُساهمةموضوع: Second Term English Exam 4AM for BEM 2016 السبت 15 أغسطس 2015, 07:46

Timing : 1h,30mn
level : 4 AM BEM 2013
Second Term English Exam

The tassili

The Algerian sahara is not sun and sand only, but it’s a world peopled of immense shadows and nise
too. it’s also the memory talented artists who left a true treasure in
the tassili caves in the south-esat of Algeria, for every fond of
discovering prehistory.
Numerous fresces are found there.They represent wild beasts, farm animals and a lot of men.
were done buy our ancestors in colossal and tiny shapes, naturalistic
figures or schematic forms. They narraate the human life from the dim
past, abour 6000 B.C, in scenes of housing, hunting, sowing and
Anthropologists have classified them into four periods to show the evolution of mankind. At the end
of the period of the camel, the last era, early people started to use the writing symbols.
These nice pinting are now within the list of the world heritage committee that helps to protect,
maintain and restore the historical sites all over the world
if you want to know more and more about the Tassili, you have just to
book a ticket and I’m sure you will spend agreeable moments with the old

Adapted from ” Atlas ” magazine.
Part one : A/Reading comprehension and lexis :

Act one : Read the text and say “true” or “false” , correct if it’s false : 3pts

  • The Tassili caves are in the south-west of algeria.

  • The Tassili frescoes were painted by very early people.

Activity two : read the text and answer the following questions : 3pts

  • What is there in the Tassili caves ?

  • What scenes do the Tassili frescoes represent ?

  • Are the Tassili paintings under protection ?

Activity three : a/ Find in the text words that are closesr in meaning to : 2pts

1- Several = …. ? / pleasnt = … ?
b/ Find in the text words that are opposites in meaning to

1- Domiestic =/= … ? / Very small =/= … ?
B/ Master of language :

Activity one : write the correct form of the verbs in brackets : 2pts

few days ago, Some German researchers (land) in Algeria. Now, They (be)
in the Tassili-n-Ajjer resort, They (visit) the frescoes caves. All of
them are excited. Next year, they (film) this wonderful world.
Activity tow : Supply the punctuation and capital letters where necessary : 2pt

if you visit The Tassili you will discover a wanderful open-air museum
Activity three : Combine the sentences using the correct relative pronoun : 2pts

  • a- The Tassili contains a natural park.

b- We find cave painting and drawing there.

  • a- Tourist visit the Tassili in cold seasons.

b- Tourists come from diffrent countries.
Part two : Written expression : 6pts

Write a paragraph in which you compare how life used to be in the Tassili and How it is now. (clothes-food-work..)

 توقيع العضو : Abn Elnile 
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طالب ماسي

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مُساهمةموضوع: رد: Second Term English Exam 4AM for BEM 2016 الأربعاء 16 سبتمبر 2015, 02:31

كل الشكر والامتنان على روعهـ بوحـكـ ..

وروعهـ مانــثرت .. وجماليهـ طرحكـ ..

دائما متميز في الانتقاء

سلمت يالغالي على روعه طرحك

نترقب المزيد من جديدك الرائع

دمت ودام لنا روعه مواضيعك

 توقيع العضو : Romioo 
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Second Term English Exam 4AM for BEM 2016

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